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Placing your order with us is easy and straightforward. Just send us all the necessary information for our writers to meet your requirements and feel free to upload any relevant additional materials you feel is necessary. Once you submit your order, you’ll easily be able to manage and track the progress by simply keeping in touch with your writer so you don’t have to worry about being unable to meet your deadline. You’ll be immediately notified when your custom essay is ready and you’ll be able to download it or have it sent to your email. If for some reason you find that that you’re unhappy with your paper, you may request multiple revisions until the final result is fully satisfying. So no need to be overwhelmed, our service is here to help your academic progress.

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Privacy Policy

The following is an explanation of our privacy policy concerning the personal information we collect when you visit our site. While information gathered is used to make our web content better as well as to improve the outline of the pages, under no circumstances do we sell, give out or share the data with outsiders.

Gather user information

Information obtained from our customers and academic writers only work to improve the functionality of the services we provide as well customer services. Money incentives are never given to any individual or payment made to any outsiders. Other data collected by our computers for data compilation only include web browsers, IP address, system software and time a visitor viewed the website. Occasionally we use cookies to customize the content of the webpages you view on our websites.


When we talk of cookies, we mean text files that detect the user’s computer to the server. However, they never identify the user by name. Through cookies, we gather information concerning web traffic and in the process improve user experience in the future. Depending on the duration a user stays ona particular page on our website, we can then use cookies as a measuring tool for generating statistical data, improving content, user experience and to align the interest of each customer. By perusing any of our webpages, you automatically become subscribed to using cookies. However, users have the option of whether to receive notifications or disable browser setting so as not to accept cookies.

How we use information obtained

Contact Information like email address can be requested in some of our specific webpages. This information including your name will at no time be shared with any third parties. It is only used to improve communication between the client and us whenever requesting or reclaiming their orders. Any statistical data that you provide will be used to enhance our marketing research.

While you can use your email address to reach us when you need to give feedback, request a service or to know more about the services we offer; any person information disclosed can never be sold or shared with outside company. When you register on our website by submitting your email address, the information will be stored in our databases. The information will then be used to send the user any new alerts related to their specific interests. However, you have the freedom to give out your personal details when chatting with other users.

Future developments

When a sudden need arises, we use the collected information for other purposes than those stated in this privacy policy. However, we always ensure to post any new changes on this site as soon as they occur. The information collected will only be used from the time the policy is put in place. If you still doubt how your information is used, then frequently check this page. We have also put tight security measures in place to ensure your data is protected and safeguarded against any loss, misuse or alterations.

Website and webpages safety

To keep our web security tight, we frequently perform security checkups to be sure that both your payment and personal information is private and only accessed by our company. If you use a public means of accessing our websites such as a library computer or internet café, make sure you log out from all your accounts to prevent data loss or theft of information.

Our link disclaimer

We do not advocate clicking any link or website posted on our website as it will direct you to their content, services, opinions, products, surveys and policies. We will not be liable for loss of personal information when you visit the other sites. Clicking and get directed to another website other than our company means you will abide by their written policies as well terms and conditions.

What you are prohibited from Disclosing

It is illegal to use the details availed on this particular website either to the public as well as any court even during a legal case. You are also not allowed to disclose any of the private policy in any public gathering or on the internet. However, an exception can be given when the commissioner avails the information to another party. Under these circumstances, benefits will be privately awarded by the commissioner to the affected individual. On the other hand, should the commissioner fail to deliver the agreed payment, the individual can pursue legal options.

For security purposes and to avoid theft of private data, avoid disclosing personal or payment information with writers or guest users that you chat with on our site