How it works

Placing your order with us is easy and straightforward. Just send us all the necessary information for our writers to meet your requirements and feel free to upload any relevant additional materials you feel is necessary. Once you submit your order, you’ll easily be able to manage and track the progress by simply keeping in touch with your writer so you don’t have to worry about being unable to meet your deadline. You’ll be immediately notified when your custom essay is ready and you’ll be able to download it or have it sent to your email. If for some reason you find that that you’re unhappy with your paper, you may request multiple revisions until the final result is fully satisfying. So no need to be overwhelmed, our service is here to help your academic progress.

What our clients say

Money Back Guarantee

There are instances when you are eligible for a refund, in what’s known as money back guarantee. However, note that only the original sender of the money can get the refund; there are no intermediaries or brokers who can help get the money back. When it comes to the refund, it can be a total refund, or a partial one depending on the circumstances at hand.

Basically, the refunds can be majorly categorized into three;

    1. 100% refund;
      • 100% refund; this type of refund applies to instances where you’ve made a genuine error like paying double for the same order. In such instances, you must always alert the support team promptly so that they help sort this ASAP. In instances where you have paid for the same order twice or have ordered the same assignment twice, the refund will only be refunded in total if the writer hadn’t started working on it yet.
      • You can also get a 100% refund if a suitable, qualified writer isn’t found to handle your project within the agreed time frame. As such, our support team will contact you and initiate the refund without any complications.
      • Thirdly, you can get a full refund if the writer working on your project misses the deadline and you can no longer use the work. Again, the support team will contact you to initiate the refund; the work gets canceled, no text or half done work is sent even if the writer sends it afterwards.
    2. 70% refund:
      • if a deadline you had given passes and the writer has completed half of the assignment, you can’t ask for a 100% refund. Rather, you’ll get a 70% refund, with the balance going towards appreciating or compensating the writer for their efforts.
    3. 50% refund:
      • If your project was done but you sent it for revision and we are unable to get a writer to do that correctly or on time, then you can claim a 50% refund.
      • Still, if the deadline you had given us has lapsed but the writer is still working on the assignment, you’re eligible for a 50% refund.

It is worth clarifying that once you’re claimed a refund under any of the above instances, you can’t claim any copyright or property rights of any work; whether delivered in full, half, or whatever. This means that even if we had submitted the complete assignment and you sent it for revisions; if we miss the deadline and you request for a refund, you can’t claim ownership to the content we had already submitted. In short, any refund is always equal to a cancellation of any property and intellectual rights of the assignment.

There are some unique instances when a refund is not applicable. They include;

    • If and when the quality assurance department has established that indeed the writer followed all the instructions as you gave them, you can’t ask for a refund.
    • Once VAT has been paid, it is not refundable or included in the total amount you’ll get in your refund.
    • In instances where you failed to follow our terms of use on the website, it may be hard to get a refund.
    • Once you’ve accepted an order by pressing the ‘Approved’ button, you cannot later ask for a refund.
    • Discounts given, cash in your store credit balance; these are also nonrefundable.
    • Lastly, some assignments may comprise of multiple choice questions, problem solving projects, etc. If 50% or half of the answers provided are wrong and unusable, you can claim a partial refund.