Frequently asked questions

1How does it work?
As soon as you place an order, we analyse the topic and assign a writer with the required skillset. Be sure to provide us with accurate, well-detailed instructions because once your order has been assigned your instructions cannot be modified without you paying an extra fee. You can be assured of high quality papers because we only hire professional writers with extensive experience. Our writers are on standby and ready to cover any topic.
2How much time do you need to write my paper?
It typically takes about 24 hours to finish a standard order. But obviously this can depend on the amount of reading and research required the complexity of the subject, and the length of your paper. If your paper has an urgent deadline, naturally it will be completed sooner, although the cost for a paper with a tighter deadline is higher. When considering your deadline, please factor in the potential revisions or extra research that might be required from your writer. The longer the deadline is, the better the quality is.
3How do I contact my writer?
We have a messaging system on your personal account which you can use to contact your writer 24/7, check on the progress of your order and give your writer additional information.
4Is it possible to select a specific writer?
Yes, if you have used our services before, and you’ve worked with a certain writer whose work you liked, you can request his services from the history of your past delivered papers.
5Are your services confidential?
Yes. Your anonymity is our highest priority. We will never divulge any personal information to third parties.
6How will I know my paper is ready?
We keep our customers updated on the progress of their orders. When the paper is completed, you will receive an email with the paper attached to the address you provide during the order process. You will also receive a confirmation email notifying you the paper is ready to download.
7What if my paper is late?
We strive to meet all of our customer’s requirements so it is unlikely to receive your paper late. In some unforeseen cases where these situations may occur, there are several reasons why your paper might not have arrived. For example, your email address might be inaccurate or our emails are in your spam filter.
Another possibility is that your writer has been unable to complete it since he or she is still awaiting additional instructions and cannot continue writing your order without a reply. It is also possible that your paper is going through the editing/proofreading process. In any event, please contact us if this is ever an issue and remember, you are encouraged to request a refund.
8What if I’m not satisfied with the final draft?
Our professional writers only produce the best high quality work you pay for, therefore if you find that you’re unhappy with the final result, you are absolutely entitled to free, unlimited revisions.
Simply provide us detailed comments specifying your reasons and set a suitable time frame so that your writer can complete the revision. If you are requesting major revisions that are not in line with your original instructions or if you are making the request 48 hours past the delivery date of your order, you will be assessed a rewriting fee. The cost for this depends on the degree of amount of time needed to complete it, as well as difficulty.
9Is my paper free of plagiarism?
Our writers use authentic resources and write every assignment from scratch. We also use our own software to scan all writing for plagiarism during our review process. We ensure that you always get original work.
10How do I make payment?
Our payment process is very much like what you’d expect when you order any goods and services online. The payment should be made before the expert writer can start on it. If your order is deemed to be extremely complicated, it is best to withhold your payment until we can confirm that we have found a writer who can take it. You may pay for your services using PayPal, credit/debit cards, E-checks and wire transfers.
11Should I be worried about hidden fees?
We believe in transparency, which means never taking on extra, unspecified fees. You will never pay more than the price quote, which you are entitled to obtain before making the payment.

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