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Placing your order with us is easy and straightforward. Just send us all the necessary information for our writers to meet your requirements and feel free to upload any relevant additional materials you feel is necessary. Once you submit your order, you’ll easily be able to manage and track the progress by simply keeping in touch with your writer so you don’t have to worry about being unable to meet your deadline. You’ll be immediately notified when your custom essay is ready and you’ll be able to download it or have it sent to your email. If for some reason you find that that you’re unhappy with your paper, you may request multiple revisions until the final result is fully satisfying. So no need to be overwhelmed, our service is here to help your academic progress.

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Definition of Cookies;

Figuratively speaking, cookies are like small footprints that you leave in your online movements; they help one tell what sites you’ve visited, as well as your preferences when browsing. They are small files that derived from the server and placed on your computer or mobile device; depending on what you’re using to access the site. Thus when you visit our website, there’ll be cookies showing your history here, as well as other preferences that you have. The items you orders, duration you were at the site; these will both be saved in the cookies.

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The cookies we use on our website;

Persistent cookies; usually, these kind of cookies are stored between the different sessions that you use the browser. They are mostly used for determining your patterns and preferences.

Session cookies; these kind of cookies are very temporary, they are only available or accessible only when your tabs are open. They’re mostly used to determine your experience when browsing a tab

  • Seeing that we have cookies in the order form that you use when placing your orders, we wish to inform you that at times, you may be unable to complete the process if you have disabled cookies.
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  • When monitoring you on Google Analytics, cookies play a vital role.

To block your cookies, go to the top of your browser and click on settings; you’ll get options on how to go about it. However, like we mentioned before, kindly note that disabling them will greatly impact your experience and interactions on our site. We also won’t be able to monitor your preferences via Google analytics; knowing your references helps us serve you better and design customized profiles for each and every one of our clients. We are always sworn to protecting your confidentiality and privacy; our use of cookies is not meant to gather any personal details or information regarding you. Instead, it is for helping us improve on our service delivery and in the compiling of statistical reports.